CARTECH H-800M is a parralell lift
frame machine at 20'8" long
and 861/2" wide is are largest machine
It comes loaded with a full set of tools tram bar w/Mitchell data disc
6 Main tie down clamps, 2 assisting clamps
USA Enerpac hydraulics Pumps, air jack
electric winch, 3 towers at 10 tons each and
multipoint pulling system

Designed with the striation structure,
it has no dead points in pulling with this platform,  the tower can be moved and fixed at any point, 10Ton pulling power of the heavy-duty towers for pulling precision.
Roller bearings with inner spring makes sure the towers are secure and easy to move

Multi-point pulling system, pull the car from varies of angles,the force decomposed to several directions.It's quite suitable for small dent repairing of accident car.

CARTECH Frame Machines
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20 Piece tool board